Modern Cowgirl Spotlight - 7 Questions with Sydney Croasmun

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

I'm an equine photographer and long time horse girl! Growing up, I was always a camera nerd so it was natural to combine that into horses when I started riding. Most of my youth show career was on an Andalusian stallion who I absolutely fell in love with. The weeks leading up to the show were spent studying rule books and I eventually went on to do judge's training through the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association. A lot of that training ended up crossing over into photography - using light and posing to highlight the best of a horse's conformation. I'm a firm believer that the photos should make you want to buy your horse all over again!

2. What is your proudest life moment?

My little guy, Ciero CT - just about anything involving him! I really wanted a grey colt... we took a gamble by breeding. When he was born, we raced out to the barn way too fast! Right there was a little bay colt with grey around his eyes! He's now almost 4 and has been undersaddle for a year. He's the sweetest creature and loves to play! You're always met with those large overexcited eyes first thing walking into the barn. The best little guy and who never fails to make your day!

3. What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

Tornado chaser, hands down! I watched the storm chasing TV shows religiously and would get so excited at any mention of an upcoming storm. That was my dream growing up in the midwest. Now I live just outside of Los Angeles and there aren't tornadoes here but I did work for a local news station fire chasing! Close enough, right?

4. What motto do you live by and use?

"Go for it" - There's been a lot of seemingly random things that I've learned that end up helping in the future. Just split second decisions of "well this isn't my normal but who knows what I may get out of it.". Ride on a Saddleseat horse? Take a job at a news station? Drive down a random road? Look up a type of plant? There's always something to learn!

5. Tell us 3 random things about you?

- I'm a huge nerd - especially when it comes to civil engineering history. Roads, dams, aqueducts and bridges! - My quarantine project has been a baby forest... there may or may not be a collection of baby trees in my backyard right now. - Square toe boots are the favorite.

6. If you were to give advice to your younger self what would it be?

Don't make yourself smaller to make someone else feel bigger. This is such a bad habit. Do it long enough and you start to believe it. This is something that I've been tackling over the past few years.

7. Name a woman that you look up to and that inspires you?

Elizabeth Hay... she's such a talented photographer and I adore her as a person. She's so much fun and is very true to herself. It really comes through in her work. She creates some stunning western-style images! I met her at a photography workshop and might've fangirled and then was too scared to talk to her until after. We've worked together a few times now! She really is awesome!

We are so thrilled to be able to spotlight such an amazing woman! Thank you Sydney for sharing your time and wisdom with us!

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