Modern Cowgirl's Guide to a Mindful Morning

Your morning routine sets the tone for your day. If you can master this, you can tackle what comes your way. Here are 4 tips that help to get things started on the right foot.

1. Wake at the same time every day. Or as close to the same time as you can. Try a wake light (our favorite is linked in our amazon store). This allows you to gently wake over a set period of time as the light increases. And if at all possible carve out some time for yourself. For me this means waking before my family does. I know, I know.....I am not a morning person. But trust me when I say this is key! Having even 20 minutes to yourself to get centered can change everything. If you are a new momma and have a little one, honey you are in survival mode....this does not apply.

2. Drink water! Your body just went hours with nothing. The first thing you need to do is hydrate. So have your full glass of water ready on your nightstand for the morning.

3. Gratitude Journal. It is impossible to feel negative emotions if you are in a state of gratitude. My favorite is linked in my Amazon store. Simple prompts that train your brain to notice the special things around you. Bonus that it also has a quick evening recap. This is like having gratitude bookends on your day.

4. Get Centered. Find what this is for you. I do an energy breathwork, read in my devotional, turn on a diffuser and sip my coffee.

This may not be your exact morning, or order, but find what it is that sets you up for success. It will become something that you look forward too and crave. You WILL see a difference. If you need any help, I am here!

Here's to Today! With Love, Shana Modern Cowgirl

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