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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

For the longest time I would just wake up when the kiddos woke up and start my day abruptly. I sported the cutest (not at all) wet / dry half bun half poof on my head and quickly pulled myself together to start the day.

I can't remember who suggested this, but waking up now before my kiddos wake is EVERYTHING to me! Here's how my day gets started.

6am ish: Wake

I am not a morning person so lets just get that out of the way, haha. I wake up, use the restroom, weigh myself, and drink 16-18oz of water that is sitting on my nightstand. Every night I get this ready, so there is no excuse. Your body needs hydration upon waking and water or water with Lemon is perfect. Why do I weigh myself everyday? Thats coming in another blog post. But I have lost over 40lbs and I like to track how my body responds to the previous day.

6-7am: This is me time. I listen to podcasts, I watch youtube videos, I do my gratitude journal (getting better at this) and I don't chat....still not a morning person. I put on my quick makeup (that is the same every day) and do my hair. Lets be clear, that means brush the knots and applying some leave in conditioner. I only wash / style my hair every 3-4 every other day is just slightly more "undone" than the previous day. Here's the things. I do this for me. I like to be slightly put together. I like to be centered when the littles run in my room. I like to feel good about myself. And if some tinted moisturizer and leave in conditioner can do that, then YES!

I make myself a cup of my magical unicorn coffee. Lots of info on my insta and website about it. And I sip this while having me time.

I used to work out in the morning, ironically prior to loosing my weight but I found that I need some food and do better with mid day workouts for my body type.

At this point the house is waking and it's time for breakfast. I have been doing the EXACT same breakfast for awhile. I don't vary the base ingredients, and I love it! I never have to think about it.

Morning Smoothie:

-I do a chocolate protein powder. (no soy, no whey, 3rd party tested for metals and its a multimineral / vitamin blend) This also acts as my multivitamin

-I add in some green powder. 22 organic fruits and veggies

-I use water, but you can use what you like. I avoid dairy personally.

-I add in some frozen berries usually 1/2 cup

Sometimes I add in chia seeds or full fat organic coconut milk....but that's not daily

THAT IS ALL. Blend and drink.

If I want it to be super yummy I add in banana, or nut butter and cinnamon. But for me this is perfect and easy. Even when we go camping I do a bottle of water, the protein powder, the green powder and a shaker bottle. Snack on blueberries, so nuts for fat on the side. IT IS SO EASY.

I believe in the theory of liquids before lunch as a way to aid in digestion and ease your precious body into the day. This keeps me full and happy until lunch time.

I then make my second cup of coffee and sit down for homeschool time and to tackle the day.

OH and on sunny days I like to go outside for 10-15 minutes and soak in the sunlight.

What's your morning routine? Does it set you up for a successful day?

I hope so friend, because you deserve it!

With Love,


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Or sign up for Wholesale coffee pricing (think of a costco membership) and then its at wholesale pricing:

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