Let me Re-Introduce Myself ;)

This picture was taken as part of my engagement session over 11 years ago. This last month has been interesting. So much self discovery. Social media (like life) has a way of pushing you to be who everyone else wants and needs you to be. In the midst of pleasing everyone around you, what happens to you?

So here we go. Let me reintroduce myself. This is me. I am in my mid 40's. I have 2 kids (and 2 stepsons) that come before everything always and forever. I hover, analyze and snuggle them all damn day. They are only little once. I love horses, I love black dresses, cowboy boots, gold jewelry, vintage chanel. I eat clean, healthy food, and am deeply in love with all things wellness and health. I am a certified integrative health practitioner, as well as level one certified (any day) in energetic muscle testing and emotional release. I started by riding bareback, took lessons in english and jumping, showed western, competed regionally in reining. I was Miss Rodeo NM, and rode for an international barn in Germany. I have a dry sense of humor and love dark chocolate. I ran Modern Cowgirl for over a decade on a really large scale with tons of travel, employees, inventory, etc. Modern Cowgirl was my first child and will always be a part of me. I am Modern Cowgirl.

This is my super talented, tattooed soul mate that is funny and smart beyond measure. He was raised with a ranching background, but that's not his passion. He is an amazing drummer and our favorite computer nerd. He can fix anything and works his ass off for our family and our animals.

I truly hope you stick around, and we can create a positive space for growth, empowerment and love. Community.

Bravery, Strength & Love...I live my TRUTH - Modern Cowgirl

With love, Shana Modern Cowgirl

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