5 Favorite Drinks to try today...

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I love the idea of listing 5 things. It's a small enough list that you can remember a few of the items, and it's a tangible goal if you try to make some changes. So here we go!

These are my top 5 drinks:

  1. Coffee. Not just any coffee, Organo King coffee. This is an organic, reishi spore coffee. Meaning there isn't any mold, toxins, etc and its infused with Reishi Mushroom Spores. This isn't the same Reishi Mushrooms that are grown in oats in a plastic bag.....these are the spores....harvested off of logs. I.E. this is the real stuff. I started drinking this and have never gone back. The benefits are incredible. I have 2-3 cups a day...however most people need to start with 1/2 a packet or one packet to acclimate. For me this has cleared my skin, regulated my cycle, gives me sustained energy, no jitters (I can drink it at 5pm and sleep like a baby). It's incredible. Truly. If they are sold out, you can message me....I always have stock on hand :) Here is a link https://myogoffice.organogold.com/ShoppingCart/index.cfm?FuseAction=CategoryShop&CategoryID=15&OwnerID=10002287688

  2. Organic Ginger Turmeric Tea. I have this every single night either after dinner or before bed. I love the warming ginger and the anti inflammatory benefits of Turmeric. Not sweet but it's a wonderful warming treat. I buy at my local grocery store. Look for organic.

  3. Suja Greens. This is my go to when I know my meal won't have enough greens. Also if we are heading out to dinner (hahaha....not lately) but when we did do that. I love this as an afternoon snack and I even take these camping. Must be refrigerated but it packs the greens I need. You can get almost anywhere but I prefer Costco, because you can buy in bulk.

  4. Organifi Immunity. My kiddos think this is orange juice. I carry these packs in my purse and hand them out when anyone I know if feeling a bit "off" or down. The benefits are immense. This is like the much better for you version of the traditional vitamin c drink mix we all know. I love these so much I have them on a monthly subscription. Perfect healthy pick me up or afternoon drink. And it tastes amazing. This link will give you free shipping.https://prz.io/NPgArXTv

  5. Superieur Electrolytes. My family and everyone I know of are now hooked on these. You add a scoop to your water and it gives you vitamin c, minerals, electrolytes and no sugar. My kiddos and I love the grape and watermelon! Delicious, healthy and allows for a little variety in your water consumption. Win, Win! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078KZ6LSQ/?ref=exp_moderncowgirl_dp_vv_d

Hope you found some you like! Other then this I don't really drink anything. I will have a kombucha from time to time and my morning smoothie. I am a big fan of my drinks working for me, not against me. Share your favs!

With Love,


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