3 Anchors in your Day, Staying Centered

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I recently learned about grounding points / anchor point or times throughout a day as a way to reset, recenter and calm yourself. I learned about it in parallel with calming your SNS (Sympathetic Nervous System). If we think about triggers throughout our day that raise our stress levels (driving in traffic, running late, conflict, getting kids out the door, etc) they can build and build from the time we wake until we go to sleep. Keeping our body in this constant state of heightened stress has immediate and long term negative effects on our body and our mind. Enter grounding points.

The idea is that you choose 3 times throughout your day that allow you to take a deep breath, calm your nerves and emerge in a more centered space. The actual activity that you do can vary from person to person. I like to go outside and sit for a few minutes. Or go on a walk. Also driving and listening to a pod

cast or audiobook is an amazing practice for me. Luckily we drive to the barn almost daily! That's 40 minutes of downtime :)

Here's How I like to structure my anchors or grounding times.

1. Upon waking. I have spoken about it before but I have me time in the morning.

I wake before others and have a simple morning routine. I have a gratitude journal and daily reading that I do while I make my coffee. I spend an hour all by myself! Watching a youtube video, listening to a podcast, whatever I want. During this time I get ready for the day.

2. After Lunch. This is outside time for me. I pick tomatoes in our garden, or just go outside. I am homeschooling this year, so the days seem to be very very busy. But after lunch is down time for me to work, study, and get a few things done.

3. After dinner. Ideally this is a walk. But again any activity will do that allows you to relax. A long bath, reading etc.

Your anchors or your grounding points will allow you to never go longer than 3-4 hours in a current mindset. Your mind and body will thank you.

Keep Calm and set up some daily resets for yourself. It's amazing what 5 minutes can do.

With Love,


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