List of all my Favs!

Below is a list of my FAV's in each category. I will add pics as I can. Any discount codes are listed, and some links contain affiliate info. All items are things I personally use and love, I haven't been paid or asked to list these :)

​Skin Care

Oral Care


  • Mascara:  Honest Beauty

  • Foundation / Skin tint: Beauty Counter Skin Tint (Porcelain & Dew Skin (Light)

  • Blush: Burts Bees

  • Bronzer:  W3LL 

  • Eyeshadow: Beauty Counter Romantic

  • Brow: Beauty Counter 

  • Lipstick: Rituel

  • Lip Stain: Dime Beauty - Bradley

  • Setting powder - Honest Beauty

  • Concealer: Clove + Hallow (color 02)

Body Products:


Hair Care:

  • Shampoo: Still looking for my fav!

  • Conditioner: Still looking for my fav!

  • Styling products: Still looking for my fav!

  • Hair Spray: Giovanni

Home Fragrance:

  • Spray : Grow Fragrance.  Love Lavender for covering smells (think bathroom spray) Bamboo is my favorite for every other use.  Even spraying warm clothing when they come out of the dryer.

  • Diffuser & Oils:  Way too many to list!  New website page with all the info coming soon!


Organic Towels: Casaluna

Bamboo Sheets:  What we use here

Pillowcase: Fishers

Morning Smoothie:

Protein Powder: Equilife 

Greens Powder: Equilife

Read about my Morning Smoothie and Routine Here


Organo: King

Frother: Miroco

Bio Hacking items:

Wake Light:  Philps 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses:  Madison Avenue

Oura Ring


This is where I get 90% of my supplements:  EquiLife

Ion Biome


Drinking Water filter: AquaTru

Shower Filter:  AquaHome

Bath Filter:  Cuzn


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