ABOUT US (well me, unless you count my horse Abbey....then About US)

As some of you know I started Modern Cowgirl in college. I created a feasibility plan and submitted it to a collegiate competition. I won and used the seed money to launch ModernCowgirl! Wohooo! That was back in 2000! 20 years ago! At the time it was an online portal that featured other artists. Similar to Etsy before there was Etsy.

Through that process I found a passion for designing and producing my own products and selling those as well. The theme has always been empowering women. I have always believed that women should link arms and help each other.

Oh and the horse side. I started out riding bareback with a long braid and a lead rope...hahaha! I have done almost all aspects of horse life. English, jumping, all around horse show, rodeo queen, reining, etc. My daughter currently shows minis and I just got back into having a paint I will show all around. Abbey

Ok, so back to the story....once I had my daughter it became harder and harder for me to fill orders, travel to trade shows (where I sold wholesale to boutiques) etc. Not to mention the recession hit. It was a good time for me to step down and take a break, focus on my family.

Funny how you never lose your passion for horses. How the smell of the barn, and the sound of a horse breathing next to you, or how your spurs sound as you walk, never gets old. It feels like home.

I have since become increasingly passionate about health and lifestyle. I got to a point where I didn't love myself, and I was determined to raise a daughter that loved her body and celebrated it. So I changed everything!  Its been an incredible journey of learning to love myself and find my way back to my passions.  Currently I am a student of Integrative Health Practitioners Program and have launched my health and wellness site here.  I would love to have you follow along!


Guess what? I still want to empower women, I still want to help others, I still feel like every single woman and girl has the power to shape her future. So here we go! Modern Cowgirl is back.

If you stayed and read this to the end, thank you. I truly hope that you follow along, and if there if anything I can help you with I would be honored. I will be sharing and highlighting empowering women through the stories and photos they send in. And horses, there will be horses with us on this journey.

With Love,


Modern Cowgirl


To put it simply...we are women empowering and celebrating women.  Read the amazing stories and send in your own.  Together we can inspire each other.  


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